28 November 2018

How CBD Works | Cannabidiol – CBD oil

Cannabidiol (CBD), a non-intoxicating component of the cannabis plant, has generated significant interest among scientists and physicians in recent years - but how CBD exerts its therapeutic impact on a molecular level is still being sorted out. Cannabidiol is a pleiotropic drug in that it produces many effects through multiple molecular pathways. The scientific literature has identified more than 65 molecular targets of CBD.

Although CBD has little binding affinity for either of the two cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2), cannabidiol modulates several non-cannabinoid receptors and ion channels. CBD also acts through various receptor-independent pathways—for example, by delaying the “reuptake” of endogenous neurotransmitters (such as anandamide and adenosine) and by enhancing or inhibiting the binding action of certain G-protein coupled receptors.
Here are some of the ways that CBD confers its manifold therapeutic effects.
Serotonin Receptors
Jose Alexandre Crippa and his colleagues at the University of San Paulo in Brazil and King’s College in London have conducted pioneering research into CBD and the neural correlates of anxiety. At high concentrations, CBD directly activates the 5-HT1A (hydroxytryptamine) serotonin receptor, thereby conferring an anti-anxiety effect. This G-coupled protein receptor is implicated in a range of biological and neurological processes, including (but not limited to) anxiety, addiction, appetite, sleep, pain perception, nausea and vomiting.
5-HT1A is a member of the family of 5-HT receptors, which are activated by the neurotransmitter serotonin. Found in both the central and peripheral nervous systems, 5-HT receptors trigger various intracellular cascades of chemical messages to produce either an excitatory or inhibitory response, depending on the chemical context of the message.
CBDA [Cannabidiolic acid], the raw, unheated version of CBD that is present in the cannabis plant, also has a strong affinity for the 5-HT1A receptor (even more so than CBD). Preclinical studies indicate that CBDA is a potent anti-emetic, stronger than either CBD or THC, which also have anti-nausea properties.
Vanilloid Receptors
CBD directly interacts with various ion channels to confer a therapeutic effect. CBD, for example, binds to TRPV1 receptors, which also function as ion channels. TRPV1 is known to mediate pain perception, inflammation and body temperature.

TRPV is the technical abbreviation for “transient receptor potential cation channel subfamily V.” TRPV1 is one of several dozen TRP (pronounced “trip”) receptor variants or subfamilies that mediate the effects of a wide range of medicinal herbs.
Scientists also refer to TRPV1 as a “vanilloid receptor,” named after the flavorful vanilla bean. Vanilla contains eugenol, an essential oil that has antiseptic and analgesic properties; it also helps to unclog blood vessels. Historically, the vanilla bean has been used as a folk cure for headaches.
CBD binds to TRPV1, which can influence pain perception.
Capsaicin—the pungent compound in hot chili peppers—activates the TRVP1 receptor. Anandamide, the endogenous cannabinoid, is also a TRPV1 agonist.
GPR55 - orphan receptors
Whereas cannabidiol directly activates the 5-HT1A serotonin receptor and several TRPV ion channels, some studies indicate that CBD functions as an antagonist that blocks, or deactivates, another G protein-coupled receptor known as GPR55.
GPR55 has been dubbed an “orphan receptor” because scientists are still not sure if it belongs to a larger family of receptors. GPR55 is widely expressed in the brain, especially in the cerebellum. It is involved in modulating blood pressure and bone density, among other physiological processes.
GPR55 promotes osteoclast cell function, which facilitates bone reabsorption. Overactive GPR55 receptor signaling is associated with osteoporosis.
GPR55, when activated, also promotes cancer cell proliferation, according to a 2010 study by researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shanghai. This receptor is expressed in various types of cancer.
CBD is a GPR55 antagonist, as University of Aberdeen scientist Ruth Ross disclosed at the 2010 conference of the International Cannabinoid Research Society in Lund, Sweden. By blocking GPR55 signaling, CBD may act to decrease both bone reabsorption and cancer cell proliferation.
PPARs - nuclear receptors
CBD also exerts an anti-cancer effect by activating PPARs [peroxisome proliferator activated receptors] that are situated on the surface of the cell’s nucleus. Activation of the receptor known as PPAR-gamma has an anti-proliferative effect as well as an ability to induce tumor regression in human lung cancer cell lines. PPAR-gamma activation degrades amyloid-beta plaque, a key molecule linked to the development of Alzheimer’s disease. This is one of the reasons why cannabidiol, a PPAR-gamma agonist, may be a useful remedy for Alzheimer’s patients.

PPAR receptors also regulate genes that are involved in energy homeostasis, lipid uptake, insulin sensitivity, and other metabolic functions. Diabetics, accordingly, may benefit from a CBD-rich treatment regimen.
CBD as a reuptake inhibitor
How does CBD, an exogenous plant compound, get inside a human cell to bind to a nuclear receptor? First it has to pass through the cell membrane by hitching a ride with a fatty acid binding protein (FABP), which chaperones various lipid molecules into the cell’s interior. These intracellular transport molecules also escort tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and the brain’s own marijuana-like molecules, the endocannabinoids anandamide and 2AG, across the membrane to several targets within the cell. CBD and THC both modulate receptors on the surface of the nucleus, which regulate gene expression and mitochondrial activity.

Cannabidiol, it turns out, has a strong affinity for three kinds of FABPs, and CBD competes with our endocannabinoids, which are fatty acids, for the same transport molecules. Once it is inside the cell, anandamide is broken down by FAAH [fatty acid amide hydrolase], a metabolic enzyme, as part of its natural molecular life cycle. But CBD interferes with this process by reducing anandamide’s access to FABP transport molecules and delaying endocannabinoid passage into the cell’s interior.
According to a team of Stony Brook University scientists, CBD functions as an anandamide reuptake and breakdown inhibitor, thereby raising endocannabinoid levels in the brain’s synapses. Enhancing endocannabinod tone via reuptake inhibition may be a key mechanism whereby CBD confers neuroprotective effects against seizures, as well as many other health benefits.
CBD’s anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects are in part attributable to its inhibition of adenosine reuptake. By delaying the reuptake of this neurotransmitter, CBD boosts adenosine levels in the brain, which regulates adenosine receptor activity. A1A and A2A adenosine receptors play significant roles in cardiovascular function, regulating myocardial oxygen consumption and coronary blood flow. These receptors have broad anti-inflammatory effects throughout the body.
CBD as an allosteric modulator
CBD also functions as an allosteric receptor modulator, which means that it can either enhance or inhibit how a receptor transmits a signal by changing the shape of the receptor.

Australian scientists report that CBD acts as a “positive allosteric modulator” of the GABA-A receptor. In other words, CBD interacts with the GABA-A receptor in a way that enhances the receptor’s binding affinity for its principal endogenous agonist, gamma-Aminobutyric acid  (GABA), which is the main inhibitory neurotransmitter in the mammalian central nervous system. The sedating effects of Valium and other Benzos are mediated by GABA receptor transmission. CBDreduces anxiety by changing the shape of the GABA-A receptor in a way that amplifies the natural calming effect of GABA.
Canadian scientists have identified CBD as a “negative allosteric modulator” of the cannabinoid CB1 receptor, which is concentrated in the brain and central nervous system. While cannabidiol doesn’t bind to the CB1 receptor directly like THC does, CBDinteracts allosterically with CB1 and changes the shape of the receptor in a way that weakens CB1’s ability to bind with THC.
As a negative allosteric modulator of the CB1receptor, CBD lowers the ceiling on THC’s psychoactivity—which is why people don’t feel as “high” when using CBD-rich cannabis compared to when they consume THC-dominant medicine. A CBD-rich product with little THC can convey therapeutic benefits without having a euphoric or dysphoric effect.
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10 September 2018

6 Health Benefits Of Honey

Honey is one of nature's rarities: a food that actually fills you up with wholesome properties and leaves you without cravings.

From the moment that bees start to produce honey, it is physically engineered to create enzymes and other health properties that have earned it the reputation as a leader in whole foods. GFM honey and Manuka honey and virtually every other form of whole food are essential to an organic diet, and they feature a number of benefits to back up their reputations.

1. Honey is more filling than other alternatives. 
Many foods may fill you up, but with all the additives included, they ultimately work against your health because they have you craving more just a few hours later. Honey's nutritional properties hang with you for a longer amount of time making your diet something that works for you instead of against you.

2. Honey satisfies the natural craving for sweets in a healthier way. 
No matter how strong you think you are when it comes to sweets, you will eventually get the urge to dip in to some chocolate or some other sugary form of goodness. With honey, however, the craving is subsided without all the empty calories and weight gain. The naturally sweet properties of the substance act as an enzyme-creating fuel that satisfies the natural urge in a good way.

3. Honey generates heat. 
This benefit is an especially appealing one as the weather turns cold and you find your body shivering more from the elements. Incorporating honey into your diet helps your body to warm the blood in such a way that can actually produce savings on energy costs and effectiveness. For those with thin blood, honey is a natural boost that should not be left out as the days grow shorter.

4. Honey creates and renews energy. 
Athletes often prefer to make honey a part of their training and diet regimen as it has been known to supply the body with new energy through its natural carbohydrates. In addition to this, it can help the body to more quickly replenish energy after a good workout.

5. Honey is germicidal. 
Not only does it taste good and make a nice addition to the diet, honey is also beneficial when it comes to fighting against germs. Unlike milk, a breeding ground for germs, honey is able to stave off bacteria and result in a healthier you.

6. Honey can improve human digestion. 
Improving the digestion process means greater regularity and less risk of digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome. By coating the intestine and fighting off bacteria in the tract, this substance is one of the great natural forms of internal medicine. While it may not cure all of your ills, it will put you on the fast track to a healthier lifestyle.

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4 September 2018

5 Tips To Help Stop Sugar Cravings And Start Losing Weight

One of the most difficult challenges to deal with when you start losing weight is stop sugar cravings. Sugar is very addictive and the more you eat the more you want. Here are 5 ways to help you stop sugar sugar cravings and start losing weight.

Trying to stop sugar cravings is one of the most challenging things to deal with when you start losing weight. Sugar is addictive and the more you have the more you want. It triggers pleasure points in the brain and leads to the production of endorphins and serotonin that makes us feel good when we eat it. But sugar is calorie heavy and if we eat too much of it we will put on weight, not lose it.

1. Substitute The Bad For The Good.
Your mind and body can't distinguish where sugar comes from. One way to stop sugar cravings that you get from of desserts, pastries or candy is to give your body healthy natural sugars like fruit. It is a great thing to eat when you want something sweet and it also delivers many other natural vitamins and nutrients as well.

2. Don't Miss Meals.
One of the worst things you can do to stop sugar cravings is to make yourself hungry. When you start losing weight it may seem like a good idea to miss out meals, but in the end, it just makes you hunger for those fast sugars found in sweets and cakes. Ensure that you eat healthy and nutritious meals and if you want a snack, go for healthy options like nuts, fruit or vegetables.

3. Exercise Regularly.
Exercise programs make your body releases chemicals called endorphins which drastically and quickly make you feel happier and healthier, much more than a sugar rush from a chocolate bar. Even just taking a short walk when you feel yourself starting to crave something sweet to eat can help. Being outside and away from tempting sugarly foods will help you control your craving.

4. Stress And Emotional Eating.
The feel good factor that you get from sugars make them very tempting to eat when you feel upset or stressed. You do need to manage what is causing these feelings. Managing your emotions can go a long way to stop sugar cravings and help you towards your healthy living weight loss goals.

5. Reward Yourself.
When you start losing weight, positive reinforcement is a great way to keep your diet plans on the right track. Instead of eating that big piece of chocolate cake as a reward, try treating yourself to different things to help stop sugar cravings. They can be simple things like watching your favorite TV show or a movie or more significant things like a new outfit or a day out with friends at a spa.

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3 September 2018

Body Cleansing And Detoxification With Maqui And Acai Berries

Leading a healthy lifestyle is a very popular thing these days. That largely can be explained with the fact that people become more knowledgeable and know of the health risks caused by unhealthy and reckless lifestyles. Gym, improved diet, various physical activities and healthy eating has become a standard now.

Being active and eating healthy is fantastic way of live healthier and longer but regrettably there are other things that can have an effect on our health . Industrial growth has changed many aspects of our lives and things like air, food and environments we live in are different than they were before. 

Changes had made people lives easier and more comfortable but at a serious price. Bodies are poisoned repeatedly, so they have to be cleansed and dangerous toxins removed from them, to make them operate appropriately. Removal of harmful substances can improve  individual's health a lot, and this is the reason why detox is preffered now.

Which is the top detoxification method? Elimination of the harmful toxins and proving your body with antioxidants is the best way of body cleansing.

Amongst lots of foods that can offer  antioxidants, only two can give required volumes in pretty small dosages. These products truly can be called super detox foods because they’re antioxidant rich giving you the necessary quantities at once. They are called Maqui and Acai berries.

Acai and Maqui both are organic foods and have the maximum ORAC ratings what makes them the most effective detox products in the world. Nothing superior have been found until now.

Body detoxification have large number of health benefits including weight loss, improved looks and more.

Detoxification and body cleansing can help you to:

* Improve your appearance. You can dispose of the cellulite and recover the condition of your skin, nails and hair with  antioxidants added to your diet.

* Feel better. Body free from toxins and poisons will feel much better and younger and fuller of energy.

* Shake off body weight more rapidly and easier. Fat will get burned faster.

* Be stronger. Harmful substances can reduce your immunity and make you prone to numerous diseases. Removal of these substances can improve the body strength so that it becomes more resistant to numerous allergies.

Removal of toxins and other poisons from your body can fundamentally improve your health, and Acai and Maqui are products that do it most excellent. There’s no product or food that can contend with these 2 in terms of strength and cleansing effectiveness.

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31 August 2018

Egg Nutrition Facts And Benefits

The eggs are an excellent supply of nutrition. We all know the significance of the eggs a terrific deal and our doctors and dietician constantly recommend us to work with the eggs as an simple way of finding a lot more protein in towards the body.

We use eggs for a lot of dishes but do we genuinely know the egg nutrition facts?

Egg is one from the wonder foods that folks are lucky sufficient to eat. The egg consists of numerous chemicals which might be crucial for the creation of our own bodies. Protein is the major component perfectly found on the eggs, so eggs can be utilized being a rich source for protein for the folks of each age group. Although egg contains the protein normally, the protein percentage differs towards the yellow and white elements of the egg. The yellow part is the core with rich protein and also it features a specific amount of cholesterol also. Should you be in need to have of protein but suffers from cholesterol, the egg yellow will not be the very best answer to suit your needs. Those are a handful of essential egg nutrition facts you've to know.

In relation to other egg nutrition facts, vitamin A and E are two major components noticed in eggs. Those two vitamins enable us to with our body, particularly vitamin E helping us with our skin. This is the very same reason a number of shampoos and the body lotions include eggs being an ingredient. Vitamin E causes us to be skin bright and also healthy. Besides vitamin A and E, there are lots of vitamin B may also be inside the egg. Because vitamin B is actually a complicated, there's two aspects of vitamin are included. Very same as vitamin A and E, the vitamin B may also assist a number of functions of our own body.

Together with the mentioned egg nutrition facts, you'll find other chemicals inside the egg. These chemicals impact the brain and enable us to to keep our mental balance. Moreover, these chemicals are strong antioxidants and additionally enable us to with our body's defense mechanism.

In relation to egg nutrition facts, you've to know how the nutrition from the egg closely in connection with the nutrition from the foods provided to the chickens. If your food fed towards the chicken is lower grade, the resulting eggs will not have all of the nutrition that folks are talking about. For that reason, you've to purchase your eggs from the identified and reputed source for his or her right treatments towards the chickens who lay eggs to suit your needs.

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Home Remedies For Bloating, Easy And Simple Natural Cure

Bloating is the swelling of the abdominal area due to gas or excessive liquid. There are many home remedies for bloating which are easy and simple to follow.

Swelling of the abdominal area due to gas or excessive liquid is known as bloating. The tightened abdomen can cause discomfort and can make it really difficult to either sit down or walk around. Crohn’s disease and gastrointestinal tract affliction can also cause bloating. It can also cause sharp pain in the stomach. Some common symptoms of bloating are; fatigue, darkened stool, chest pain, stomach discomfort, diarrhea, indigestion, vomiting, breathing problem and difficulty in burping and swallowing. 

Bloating Home Remedies

There are several home remedies for bloating which can be very effective if followed properly. Some of the common home remedies for bloating are:

1. One of the most effective home remedies for bloating is the consumption of ginger tea. Consuming ginger tea soothes bloating by leaving a warming effect on the digestive system. This warming effect results into digestive enzyme production which enhances and improves food digestion.

2. Consuming a mixture of grounded cinnamon, honey and water on regular basis is also very helpful in relieving the discomfort caused by bloating.

3. Bay leaves are also very helpful in causing relief from bloating. Just boil a cup of water and then add bay leaf to this water. Wait for five minutes and drink the entire cup in one setting. Remember not to lie down for at least one hour after consuming this mixture. Staying in upright position will help the gas to come out quicker.

4. Chamomile tea is considered to be one of the efficient home remedies for bloating. All you need to do is consume chamomile tea twice daily. One in the morning and one just before going to bed.

5. Peppermint tea is also one of the effective home remedies for bloating. It relaxes your body muscles and allows your body to release digestive gas. Just boil a cup of water with some dried peppermint leaves (one teaspoon) in it. Let it boil for ten minutes and then strain this tea. Drink this tea for four to five times daily. This tea is more effective if you consume it before meals.

6. Turmeric is also very effective in treating bloating. It is rich in nutrients and vitamins such as protein, folic acid, iron, vitamin C and calcium. These vitamins and nutrients help to improve the functioning of the digestive system.

7. Fennel tea is known to have digestive properties and is very effective in giving relief from bloating.

8. Drink plenty of water and eat fruits and green leafy vegetables. Buttermilk is also very helpful in fighting bloating.

9. Avoid eating troublesome foods such as celery, beans, milk products, apricots and Brussels sprout. Do not drink carbonated beverages.

10. Avoid tobacco products and smoking.

11. Carom seeds are known to have thymol which acts as an antibacterial and is very effective in curing problems of digestive system. Therefore consuming carom seeds mixed in water with some black salt can be very helpful in treating bloating.

12. Cardamom is also one of the effective home remedies for bloating. It stabilizes the acids of your stomach and is very helpful in treating bloating.

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30 August 2018

5 Reasons Why Greek Yogurt Is Good For Your Health

Many people think that yogurt is just the foreign name for curd. But that is not the case. Yogurt and its benefits are very different than that of curd. It actually is extremely beneficial for human body. Although curd and yogurt are both made from milk, both products are different. Let’s take a look at how exactly they are different.

Yogurt vs. Curd

Both the dairy products are made from milk, but the process differs. To make curd you have to boil the milk and cool it down to 30 degree celsius. Then you can add either lemon juice or vinegar to the milk. These acidic substances include a microorganism named as ‘lactobacillus’. The lactic acid curdles the milk and splits it into two parts, the solids and liquid. The solid which is extracted is the curd. The liquid part is called whey, which contains whey proteins and the curd contains milk proteins. Once separated the curd can be flavoured with sugars, salts, etc.

Yogurt is made by adding a different set of bacteria known as ‘Yogurt Cultures’. Yogurt cultures include two different strains of bacteria namely ‘lactobacillus bulgaris’ and ‘streptococcus thermophilous’. The addition of bacteria ensures quality of product because they make it homogenized. This dairy product also can be enhanced by the addition of different flavours.

Benefits of Yogurt

  • Good for digestion:
The addition of yogurt cultures makes it probiotic. The good bacteria helps in the digestion of food. Actually your intestine already contains microorganisms. Some are good and some are bad. When the number of bad ones increase, your health deteriorates. Probiotic drinks contains good bacteria. Thus, the good and bad bacteria remain balanced. Hence the da helps to avoid or cure diseases like constipation, diarrhoea, etc.
  • Boosts immunity system:
Consuming probiotics also helps to boost the immune system. These beverages also have proven to reduce inflammation. Inflammation is related to many diseases. As yogurt provides vitamin D to the body and the nutrient is said to provide antibacterial proteins to the body, we can say that it helps to enhance the immunity system.

As the digestive system improves, it keeps away bowel related diseases. And thus, it is said that probiotics keep our stomach immune from various diseases. A daily serving of the product also helps you to keep the cold away.

  • Helps to lose weight:
Yogurt contains proteins. Proteins with calcium helps to lower the appetite and thus keeps the weight in check. This improves your diet and makes you avoid the untimely snacks which we munch on mindlessly.
  • Maintains blood pressure:
Yogurt contains  potassium, which has proven to reduce sodium reabsorption. Thus the probiotics maintains heart health while lowering the high blood pressure.
  • Reduces bad cholesterol:
The product keeps you full longer and also keeps you well hydrated. This helps you to avoid yourself from consuming more calories by eating oily food. Hence, it is said to increase good cholesterol which promotes heart health. It also reduces the occurrences of heart diseases.

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How CBD Works | Cannabidiol – CBD oil

Cannabidiol (CBD), a non-intoxicating component of the cannabis plant, has generated significant interest among scientists and physicians in...